Welcome to the NRCC!

The Newton Republican City Committee is the official city-level organization of the Republican Party.  We support local, state-wide, and national candidates for elected office, and provide a forum for issue discussion, volunteer work, and campaign coordination.

Contact Info:

Newton Republican City Committee
PO Box 600309
Newtonville, MA  02460-0003


or ‪(617) 431-6713‬


Newton is divided into 8 wards, with most roughly corresponding to village centers.

If you don’t know your ward, you can go to the City of Newton page to find it.

The Republican City Committee has 8 ward chairs, with individuals in that ward serving as part of their committee as well as being part of the whole City committee.

We would love to help you be involved!

Chair Jessica Shanahan
Vice Chair Susan Huffman
Parlimentarian Al Cecchinelli
Recording Secretary Anil Adyanthaya
Corresponding Secretary Debra Shapiro
Treasurer Sande Young
Ward 1 Chair Mark Cestari
Ward 2 Chair Alan Dechter
Ward 3 Chair Traute Marshall
Ward 4 Chair Josh Norman
Ward 5 Chair Susan Huffman
Ward 6 Chair Debra Shapiro
Ward 7 Chair Rohan Samaraweera
Ward 8 Chair Terry Sack

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